Thursday, November 6, 2008

Continuation of the problems of an all knowing god.

I'd like to take my previous thought into a different area.

The idea that god knew all of history before he began creation is certainly a justification for predestination. After all, if a god knows what someone will do -- all decisions, all experiences, etc. -- before they are created, in a sense this god creates them with this purpose.

One may argue against this purpose, or predetermined fate, by saying that free will determines the outcome of our lives, but I do not agree with that statement(at least not completely).

Humans have the ability to make any choice at any time in theory. But, does free will actually exist in practice?

I propose that some decisions are made without the use of will at all. When I see a car coming straight for me on the road, I move away from it without thinking. I merely react without any input from our will.

One may respond to this with the argument that I could have stayed in the path of the car. I could have sat down... etc. But is that true or is there something else going on that influenced my decision? Could there be a mechanism that is capable of overriding "free will"?

When you get angry, do you chose to get angry? When you fall in love, do you chose to fall in love?

As rational thinking beings we must also examine the how our decisions are effected by our environment. Is the child born in Iran whose father is an Islamic leader going to be punished by his creator for taking on those beliefs? Same goes for the child of a Christian Preacher.

The god of Abraham is said to be just. Is it fair to put a person into two completely different environments and expect the same result? To hold them to the same standard?

When we actually examine how our choices are made we see that there are many dynamic systems at work. We build upon our prior knowledge and assessment of the situation but also take into account social pressures.

Sometimes the external factors act like great weights placed upon the back of a person lying prone. They are free to stand up, but some are simply not strong enough.

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