Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where is the evidence for life according to the bible?

I ask myself this question regularly.

I say to myself this: If the bible is true and it has all the answers to explain the world, why does everything we examine seem to say the exact opposite?

If the creation story is correct, why do our astrophysicists and astronomers tell us a different tale? Why is it that there is absolutely no evidence for Noah's worldwide flood? After all, we can see a slight change in CO2 in the atmosphere from thousands of years ago. Shouldn't the evidence for a mass extinction be everywhere? If Moses parted the red sea and killed thousands of Egyptians, wouldn't they have mentioned it somewhere in their detailed history? We have no archaeological evidence that the ancient Hebrews were even enslaved there at all.

If Jesus was actually walking on water and raising the dead, wouldn't someone have mentioned him outside of a 3 sentence entry from Josephus?

It seems to me that if any of the religious scriptures were true, we would see the evidence everywhere, but alas, we see the exact opposite.

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